On the road again

Our last longish trip in Gertrude was May/June 2018. For various reasons we haven’t been able to escape since then apart from the odd week or weekend. But now we’re off for ten weeks into the wide blue yonder…and yes, finally, after weeks of grey, the sky really is blue as this fetching pic of the queue to enter Le Shuttle shows.

Or first destination is Amsterdam to visit family, stopping en route in Ghent. After that, who knows?  We have various vague options which include:

  • Head off to Bavaria and wander around for a bit then push on through Austria to Slovenia
  • Still do Bavaria, then northern Italy for a few weeks before crossing from Savona to Barcelona by ferry and touring the Pyrenees
  • Bavaria (as you’ve guessed, we’re quite keen on visiting Bavaria,) northern Italy to Venice then ferry from Venice to Igoumenitsa in Greece

This sounds great doesn’t it? But it’s not the freewheeling, go anywhere you like idyll it sounds.  Low Emission Zones, vignettes, go boxes…you have to check requirements for all these things before you decide to go anywhere and believe me it isn’t easy, in fact it’s a complete shambles.  More on this later when I’ve had a chance to top up the battery on the laptop.

In the meantime we’re parked right next to a river for free (legally, no wild camping for us) and it’s just a short walk along the river bank into the centre of Ghent. Beer and something nice and Ghentish to eat beckon…