me-at-stratford-in-the-van-2My name is Catherine Kenny.  Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a narrow boat.  Drifting along the canals and rivers of England, mooring up as the fancy took me.  I nearly bought one about twenty years ago but friends and family were so aghast at the idea that I bought  a pretty cottage in a pretty village in Kent instad.  As it turned out, it was a good move as by now the narrow boat would have been in need of some serious attention whereas the cottage is worth six times what I paid for it.  Ah well, c’est la vie.

Anyway, the dream of being able to up sticks and move on with all your belongings stayed with me even though, being older and wiser, a narrow boat had started to lose some of its appeal.  Instead I hit on the idea of a camper van and after lots of research, visiting exhibitions etc my husband John and I bought our first Hymer, Aunt Flo.  She was getting on a bit but she taught us the ropes and we loved her, and when we sold her I cried.  We sold her to buy  Gertie.

Gertie is a Hymer B554, first registered in 2011.  She’s what’s known as an A class, which means she has a big, coachlike windscreen and is built on a custom made chassis, and not converted from a van.  She has a six speed gearbox and a three litre fuel injected engine. Oh, and she’s left hand drive, which we both prefer.

Why Hymer I hear you ask.  Quite simply because they are the best in the business. German made, tough, durable and quite amazingly comfortable.  So this is my blog of where we go and what we get up to, and other things as they occur to me.  Hope you come back from time to time.