Readying the garden for travel

My gardenNo, not a garden on wheels. It’s not going anywhere, but we are, eventually, and when we go off on our travels in Gertie the garden is going to be left to its own devices for months on end.  So I’ve got started now, fine tuning it so that we don’t come back to a tangled mess.  Of course I could wait until next winter but doing it now makes our longed-for escape seem nearer somehow.

During my working life as a garden designer I was often asked by clients to give them a garden needing no maintenance. There’s no such thing.  I blame Charlie Dimmock.  What there are though are plants that are born survivors.  Plants that can see off the most determined weeds. Plants that can do all the hard work for us while we’re gallivanting off to the Peloponnese or the Anti Atlas or the Alentejo region of Portugal (you may have guessed by now that I’m feeling a bit restless.)  Throw in a few easy going shrubs and it will be just as beautiful when we come home as when we left it.  Well, that’s the theory anyway…

I thought fellow travellers who are also garden owners might be interested in some of the plants I’m using  to try to control what happens while we’re away, so here they are. Hover the cursor over the picture to get the name. Contact me if you want any more information on them.  Right, I’m off to the garden…




4 thoughts on “Readying the garden for travel

  1. Oh, yes, the garden… A pain if you want to travel long term…we will have to do some serious work there before leaving… Or find a gentle soul…


  2. Your garden always look beautiful, I know because I peaked over the wall! Let me know if you are looking for a gardener to pop and tend while you are away. I know just the person x


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