Gertrudian Time

img_62701This is bit like Narnian Time. In the Chronicles of Narnia, when Susan and the rest go through the wardrobe into Narnia they grow up, become kings and queens, banish evil, hang out with Aslan etc, but when they go back through the wardrobe to Wapping or Neasden or wherever they came from, no time has passed at all and Mummy and Daddy are still calling them down for tea and jolly japes in the garden (you may have guessed from this that my knowledge of the books is not what it should be.) Anyway, EXACTLY THE SAME THING HAPPENS IN GERTIE.

Gertrudian Time lily-at-birling-gap-not-acting-her-age-standingworks particularly well at weekends. We spend hours lying about, reading the papers, watching DVDs, napping, cooking lovely things and generally being very relaxed, then when we step outside it’s still only Saturday morning and we’ve got loads of time to walk, do a bit of sightseeing, buy a hare (I’ll explain about that later), wander about antique shops, have lunch, let people admire Lily, have dinner. Next day it happens all over again, with the lovely result that when we get home we feel like we’ve been away for
ages. My theory is that when we’re at home the ironing still needs doing, the garden still needs sorting out, shopping has to be done, spring sunshine lights up the fact that the windows could do with a wash…but in Gertie washing up, cleaning the bathroom and sweeping the floors can be done in ten minutes, then the rest of the day is ours. That’s why we try to spend as much time as we can in her. No brainer really.


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